About MedX Dispensing

While always serving the Healthcare markets, MedX has transformed to best meet the needs of a changing marketplace. MedX was an early pioneer in the physician prepackaged medication marketplace, facilitating the ability of physicians to dispense medications at the point of care.

Building on existing relationships, MedX grew into a specialty Durable Medical Equipment supplier, specializing in Electrotherapy, Bracing, and Wound care.

After the shakeup in the DME marketplace from the Competitive Bidding program and Affordable Care Act, MedX entered the E-commerce marketplace and built a large presence on Amazon, building a private brand label that was later sold to a private concern.

MedX today is a rapidly growing company, becoming a major supplier of Personal Protection Equipment in the age of COVID-19. As a registered FDA Initial Importer, we are a leading provider of FDA cleared and NIOSH registered N95 masks, nitrile gloves, surgical gowns, thermometers, hand sanitizer and other products needed during a global pandemic. With warehouse services available out of Phoenix and Los Angeles, we are closing soon on a new warehouse in Orlando, FL to quickly meet the needs of our customers. MedX will continue to evolve to provide quality products and services that meet the needs of the marketplace.

Michael Bitler, MBA is a seasoned entrepreneur with 23 years Sr. Management experience in the fields of finance, healthcare, and E-commerce. He has developed, trained and organized new sales and marketing teams in the healthcare space for more than a decade. Prior to founding MedX Dispensing Inc. in 2009, he built a multi-million dollar e-commerce company and worked as a system and scaling consultant for small and mid-sized businesses. Mr. Bitler’s primary focus for 2020 and beyond is to help grow MedX Dispensing into a multi-billion dollar enterprise.

Jahangeer Chaudhary is a savvy entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience who has imported over $1 billion dollars while building a large import/export business. With extensive experience and relationships built for over a decade, he has leveraged these relationships to shift to changing needs in the marketplace and brought his experience and expertise to the PPE marketplace.