Prepackaged and Guaranteed Quality

MedX and its repackagers work directly with major pharmaceutical providers that meet strict FDA and DEA criteria for safety and reliability, and all drugs have a pedigree for tracking.

MedX is not a repackager, but a sales and...

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Managed Program: A Better Way

Utilizing multiple repackagers provides a profitable and cost effective dispensing program through:

Lower overall drug cost.
Better reimbursements for workers compensation.

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Physician Dispensing and Workers Comp Medication Dispensing are two services your practice needs today more than ever.

A Growing Trend Among Progressive Medical Practices:

Physician dispensing is the process of distributing pre-packaged medications directly to patients at the point of care. Many providers are adding physician drug dispensing to their practices as a way to heighten the patient experience and increase medical practice revenue.

MedX Dispensing provides point-of-care services to practices and clinics nationwide with turn key in office dispensing programs that are convenient, safe, and provide a proven method for supplying patients with the medication they need.

In office dispensing generates the needed income to replace the continued erosion of declining insurance reimbursements and offset increasing overhead.

If your practice writes an average of 20 prescriptions per day or hands out sample medications, we would like to show you the benefits directly afforded to your office.

The Bottom Line?

Happier patients and an added revenue stream to your practice.

You could be losing $50,000 or more each year !

Physician Dispensing Software Makes the Program Easy and Profitable. Your Patients Will Thank You.

MedX utilizes its’ own software technology that is repackager neutral to actively and effectively manage its client’s physician dispensing program.

MedX manages a clients inventory remotely via web-based technology. All re-orders to multiple repackagers are done by MedX and can even be automatic when MedX sees inventory levels are low.

MedX is your price watch dog by monitoring repackagers drug cost.

Medications are PRE-PACKAGED and sealed at the factory in the dosages and quantities you select during the FORMULARY setup stage. THERE ARE NO PILLS TO COUNT.

History Is Repeating Itself? Can You Say Back To The Future?

100 years ago, the majority of all physicians dispensed medication to their patients. That has since changed over time but now 7-10% of all practices utilize this service for their patients today. Medical economics, technology and an ever increasing number of low cost generic drugs has now changed all of that. It is time to give this program a try. Speak with one of our dispensing consultants today.

It’s not a question of if but when you’ll decide to dispense.

Are you too busy to explore the program?

Let us work with your office staff to develop and implement your program, developing the workflow and processes necessary for a successful program.

You may also want to directly contact your state board of pharmacy or your state board of medicine.

Are you treating workers compensation patients? Then explore MedX Management Group’s managed dispensing program that handles all of the workers compensation claim processing for you, guarantees payment to you in 30 days, inventory management and much more! Some physicians have literally doubled their income with this program.

MedX has a proven and successful program that is simple, easy, and profitable. We turnkey the entire program other than handing the medication to the patient. There are no out-of-pocket costs to get started, no long term commitments or contracts. We are confident you will find this program will work for you. Give it a Try!

If you want to make a difference in your patient’s outcomes and substantially increase your practice revenue each year doing exactly what you do today, prescribing medication, please take some time to explore this site and watch our two short video presentations by clicking the link below.

MedX Physician Dispensing Video & Software Demo
These two short video presentations will help you learn all of the benefits our program provides to you and your patients. Both videos are less than 5 minutes in length. The first one is about physician dispensing and the second video is about workers compensation. The Software Demo requires Windows Media, and is 3 minutes long.


The Bottom Line?
Happier patients and an added revenue stream to your practice.